“Moving towards an eco-friendly world”


Building a new headquarters in 2015 using the latest alternative technologies allowed us to create a production environment that could reduce energy consumption and therefore its environmental impact. And so the P.Eco project was launched.
"Moving towards an eco-friendly world"
"Why P.eco"
Raising awareness is an important goal, representing a new lifestyle, a cultural evolution, a new way to co-exist with nature.
We feel responsible for what we put into the market and for the environmental impact of our production. It is for this reason we are so eager to play an active role in this long path towards change.
  1. Products fully made in-house.
  2. Raw materials control.
  3. Guaranteed quality, ethics and eco-sustainability of the whole production process.
  4. Product certification.
The main asset in reusing preexisiting products to create new raw material is to extend its life, reducing energy waste.
Creating and eco-sustainable product means:
  • Using recycled products to create new raw materials
  • Choosing to use yarn coming from organic farming
  • Using alternative energy sources
We want to get closer and closer to a responsible production, undertaking a new development model in which care for the environment, respect towards mankind and economic sustainability coexist, to introduce sustainable products into the market - no longer as an alternative but as the only responsible choice.
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